Sun and children or babies

4 minutes of sun is the equivalent of 1hour of exposure for babies !

We suggest the times of indirect sun between 8am - 10am and 4pm – 6pm

Protect them with a T-shirt, hat and total block mineral sun cream every 30 minutes. The risks of sunstroke are frequent and serious.

Do not forget to give them water to drink often even if it is cloudy or windy weather, as the Provence sun filters through.

Do not forget to dress them in several layers of clothing that can be taken on and off on mistral windy days (the air is warm but the children catch cold !)

The swimming pool and children

WARNING : The swimming pool is made safe by a sliding panel in agreement with safety standards, BUT adult supervision is indispensable.

Money exchange

WARNING : Make sure you have cash as the banks on Apt square will only do money exchange if you have a bank account in one of these establishments.