- 2 vaulted rooms of 45m2 with a double bed, an Italian shower in rose ochre, a kitchenette and a living space.

On the ground floor : Independent apartment (North exposure)

- Room "Suite et fin" (South exposure)

On the second floor under the roof : a master bedroom with 1 double bed, bath and toilet

- Room "La fermette" (South exposure)

On the second floor   : a double bedroom with Italian shower, 1 toilet nearby
- Room "I don’t want to sleep alone tonight" is furnished with a double bed and two single beds (South exposure)
- Room "Say yes" (West exposure)

- Room "Qui part à la plage" (South exposure)

On the first floor   : a large double bedroom with an Italian shower, 1 toilet in the adjacent corridor.

On the ground floor :2 double bedrooms, 1 toilet nearby, 2 Italian showers at the mezzanine.